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  • Check your flowers daily. Add new water at room temperature mixed with fresh flower food every other day. Carefully follow the mixing directions on your flowers food packet. The mixture should not be too diluted nor cloudy.
  • Remove any leaves that fall under the water line in the vase. Submerged leaves rot and create bacteria, shortening the life of your bouquet.
  • Keep flowers in water at all times. Cut flowers need to maintain a balance between the water absorbed and the water evaporated. When flowers are removed from water they continue to evaporate while water absorption will cease. Evaporation can be reduced by removing as many of the lower leaves as possible.
  • Place flowers in a clean container, free from bacteria and dirt. Bacteria absorbed by the stem will limit water absorption and shorten the life of the flower.
  • Trim stems under water (cut diagonally with a knife rather than scissors) every few days. Trimming stems prevents air pockets that form inside the stem and block water uptake. A common myth suggests cutting the stem vertically to allow more water absorption. No scientific proof supports this myth. In fact, cutting stems vertically destroys the stems cell structure, causing bacteria growth and hindering water absorption.
  • Display your flowers in a cool, shady place near 50°F – away from drafts, heat generating appliances, and sunlight. High temperatures and sunlight causes flowers to mature at a faster rate and shorten the flowers lifespan.

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