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Peace Lilly with spider mum arrangementPeace Lilly with spider mum arrangement

Peace Lilly with spider mum arrangement

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Peace Lily with a white spider mum arrangement.

Large peace lily plant with a white spider mum arrangement.  can be sent to a new home owner to to the funeral home or someone house for condolences.

Peace Lily care and Instructions


As mentioned in the introduction above, darker spots are acceptable for a Peace Lily but don't assume this is what it needs. If given the choice a bright spot avoiding any direct sunlight is much better.


Try to keep the soil just moist at all times, but if you're quite forgetful you just need to watch the plant for visual hints of when to water. When it's happy it looks perky, when it needs water it flops over . When you water, soak the plant but don't let it "sit" in water. If you're having problems with the plant it's likely to be linked to your watering technique. 

  • Spider Mum, as its name suggests, spider mums look like spider legs, its petals are long and sometimes go in all directions.

The chrysanthemum flower symbolizes long life, joy, optimism and fidelity. A red chrysanthemum symbolizes love, white symbolizes loyal love and truth, while yellow means slighted love. They are the November birth flower and the 13th wedding anniversary flower. It is said that when placing a single petal of this celebrated flower at the bottom of a wine glass will encourage a healthy and long life. To this day, it was believed by the Japanese that the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the sun, and the way in which this flower opens its petals denotes perfection.

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