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Daisy's Galore

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An arrangement of yellow and white daisies

An arrangement of yellow and white daisies


Explorig the Symbolic Meaning of Daisy

"(S)he loves me, (s)he loves me not." Who among us hasn't plucked the petals of a daisy saying those words with each tug? -Each of us hoping the last petal reveals: Yes! S(he) loves me! I certainly did as a child, and there's our primary theme of the symbolic meaning of daisy - childhood, innocence, purity.

Another common phrase connected to this bright flower is: "Fresh as a daisy". The cliche underscores the theme of cleanliness are purity.

It's not just the secular world that has adopted the daisy as a symbol of innocence. We see that message repeated in Christianity, where the daisy is a sacred symbol of Virgin Mary signifying her chastity, grace and purity. The daisy has also been employed as a symbol to represent the Christ child. We see evidence of this specifically in Renaissance paintings where the daisy replaces the lily. In fact, the daisy was used instead of the lily to represent the infant Christ because the daisy resembled simple virtue, whereas the lily symbolically leaned in more exotic, alluring directions during the Renaissance. Hence, it was deemed an inappropriate representative of Christ.

Interestingly, the opposite is true of the symbolic meaning of daisy in Norse mythology. As a sacred symbol to Freya, a Norse love goddess, the daisy is a symbol of love, sensuality, and fertility. The daisy also symbolizes the aspect of motherhood and childbirth in association with Freya, which carries on the theme of unblemished youth.


In the west, the daisy is a symbol of simplicity, chastity and transformation. We see these meanings sussed out in the Roman myth of Vertumnus vs. Belides. As the story goes, Vertumnus (Roman god of seasons, agriculture and gardens) became utterly enchanted by the dainty nymph, Belides. Vertumnus was so beguiled and infatuated with Belides - like a creepy stalker - he became obsessed, and would not cease pestering Belides with his unwanted affections. Being the sweet nymph she was, Belides transformed herself into a field of daisies rather than hurt Vertumnus' feelings by telling him to "take a hike, buddy."

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